Friday, May 12, 2006


Welcome to my blog. I intend to use this space to showcase my artwork and invite comments on the themes and ideas they invoke. I've been making art using intaglio printmaking techniques mostly for over 20 years. I shall regularly update this site with old images that I still like aswell as new pieces or work in progress. I'm going to include titles and dimensions to give a better idea of what the real thing is like. In the future I'm hoping to include digital photographic art and possibly even some music to accompany your viewing experience but for now please take a look and feel free to contact me with any comments and thoughts.


Aeron said...

There's a peculiar timelessness about most of your work. Seems like something I might stumble upon in a weird book at an old antique bookstore. This creatures is awesome.

Norman said...

Agreed. Most of all, I want a giant land barnacle and sic it on clients who change their minds after printing or don't pay.

xenmate said...

Hey Brian. I really like your work. Sometimes I feel I'm looking at something ancient. Sometimes something from the future. Sometimes something alien. It's great.