Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Horror and Humour

Something that I really enjoy observing when people look through my art work is that they may laugh at one image and then are aghast at the next. I have many diverse themes in my imagery but for me there are threads that bind and link them all. There is a character who appears in varied guises in many works and has been appearing for years. He is the diver; now transmuting into a bee-keeper and more lately the arctic explorer. A lot of the images where this figure appears deal with my feelings of the how humans relate to the world beyond the limits of their body. I've posted an image drawn and printed only today; it has a working title at the moment. A lot of the titles I give my work take a long time to be decided upon and sometimes change over time as fresh prints are produced from the plate. I hope to allow the viewers own consciousness to determine the true meaning of an image; to not be mis-directed by my title and in a very minor way perhaps lead the viewer to question or even understand themselves a little better through the process.


Bridget McKenzie said...

Brian, I love this new print 'Yukon Valley' - the empty space in the centre is a space for something to happen. It's like a scene from a film that will never get made.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, thought of my annotated copy of 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea when I clocked your Diver and sea creature etchings. I was given a copy as a kid and lost it and regained it many moons later in a dusty box of books in an attic room.The original etchings from 1870 were used. The image I like best is the underwater burial of a Nautilus crew member. I am unsure of the artists but the following may be correct:- illustrations by Alphonse de Neuville and Riou, engraving by Hildibrand. cheers David