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I'm trialing a new feature on my blog where my artwork is available for purchase.
Use the link just above each item to easily buy something. Purchase price includes U.K. postage and packaging. International buyers should add £5 to the print price. Larger items may be a little more but this will be mentioned with the artwork details. Artwork will be sent in a strong, secure flat package within two working days using your PayPal address information. 

This first experiment here today is a beautiful etching entitled 'man in his cat flying suit' and is number 2 in an edition of only 15. The plate (image) size is 248 x 166 mm on a piece of Hahnmuhle natural printmaking paper measuring 351 x 260 mm (cropped in the image above).

This print is one in a series of prints relating to my interest in the effects on the human brain and psyche of toxoplasma gondii infection. Recent research has discovered that this tiny invasive parasite, normally associated with cats and their poo, alters peoples' behaviour in very subtle and strange ways for its own benefit. 

Heres a link to an interesting article on the subject.

This work is available at a trial bargain price for blog visitors only of £30. Less than half the usual sale price.

Adam West print

Buy with PayPal

Here are more images of this print available for purchase at a special Adam West Commemorative price of £51:23. This is a real bargain and purchase price includes U.K. postage and packaging. International buyers should add £5 to the print price. Click on the PayPal link and fill in the figure and I will receive all the info I need to make the print yours. These days I make small exclusive editions and this particular print is no. 4 in an edition of only 20. The print/plate measures 275 x 222 mm on a larger piece of fine Zerkall printmaking paper measuring 397 x 335 mm. There are several close ups to show some of the detail. 


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