Thursday, May 18, 2006

1000 and 1 creatures

This work, Yukon Trail, was drawn and printed printed today. Its the next in a new series of images based on people in adverse environments. The rich black tone is typical of the drypoint technique mentioned in the "new and old" post below. Also above I'm posting an image and a close-up of the most detailed print I've made. Unusually in this one there are no humans, just a miriad of (1001 in fact) creatures.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mackenzie-

when you say that the drypoint method you use can only sustain small editions, how small are they? This image, Yukon Trail, is beautiul and mysterious.

Noreen Richards

Brian McKenzie said...

Hi Noreen, The edition size for something like this which is an aluminium plate is around 10 to 20 prints...after that number the characteristic bur which gives a rich inky print starts to become too flattened out by the huge pressure the printing press provides. Aluminium is particularly soft and vulnerable in this way but this also makes it good for drawing the image in the first place.