Saturday, July 09, 2016

Drypoint interventions

I've recently been running a course focussing on a printmaking process called 'drypoint'. Over the years a lot of the work I have made and shown here on my blog uses this technique. Drypoint prints are printed from plates that are made by simply being scratched into with a sharp pointy tool, like a needle. I'm showing here a suite of work incorporating some beautiful old family photograph postcards which I came across at Deptford market, South London. I made drypoint plates on polycarbonate and printed them directly onto the old photographs.


Isuppose said...

Love these! Do you intend on selling any of them?

Brian McKenzie said...

Hi there...I would be happy to sell these. These are unique intergrations of printmaking and original photographs...never to be reproduced. The photographs are part of a collection of family photos I found in Deptford market and would work well as a set. I'm still working on a frew more in the series.