Monday, March 14, 2016

Visit to see my work

This coming weekend of March 19th and 20th 2016 you have the chance to visit my house in South London. I am taking part in the Telegraph Hill Open Studios and just below here is a link to the Telegraph Hill Festival page relating to this. The page shows information about opening times and includes a link to a map showing not just me but where the other 40 or so artists are exhbiting around SE14 in London UK. I am numbe 33 on the map.

There will be a lot of work to see and if you check out the blog my house guest, Bosci, in the links bar on the side here, you'll see that he is planning to have some interesting items on show too....All are welcome.


ola calka said...

Thanks for giving me opportunity to visit your wonderful house. Excellent art works and... bosci with his toys collection is just great! ! Would be grateful to be informed about any exhibition s / events in future. Thanks

Brian McKenzie said...

Hi Ola...Have you checked out Bosci's blog? There is a link to it in the sidebar here. It was nice to meet you. Thanks for coming and your comment.