Friday, January 08, 2016

Building snowmen

Continuing the thread that follows on further below, of past work I've made for my special Christmas card editions, here are more prints from previous years. The first is entitled 'the competition' and is a small drypoint print. Drypoint is such a super process in that it is so simple, direct and easy and in skilled hands can produce images that mimic almost any other more involved and process-heavy printmaking technique, liking etching for instance. The term drypoint refers to a print made by scratching a plate with a sharp fine tool, like a sewing needle, which is what I use. Generally I scratch into a thin transparent polycarbonate material but one can also use metals like copper, aluminium or zinc. 

The next two images here are archival digital editions.

Perhaps some of you out there have received all of my editions sent out for people who have bought work during any particular year. I'm always keen to sell work directly to you via the blog here so have a browse; use the 'older posts to explore' tab in the sidebar or at the bottom of every page to see things form the past. My e-mail address is findable in 'PROFILE' or contact me by 'leaving a comment' if you would like to pursue the purchase of some work at a very reasonable price. I have sold and sent many works worldwide and would be very happy to deal with anyone keen on my prints and 3D creations.


Isuppose said...

Hello there! I've sent you an email recently to your blogger email address regarding the purchase of a couple of your work, please check your inbox and get back to me when you have time!

Brian McKenzie said...

Hi. Thanks for getting in touch about buying prints. I'll get back to you asap...