Sunday, September 20, 2015

Washi paper exhibition

I have two works on show in an exhibiton in Japan. The Awagami Factory Washi paper mini-print exhibition is designed to expand the use and understanding of Japanese washi style papers. Washi papers are high quality handmade (usually) papers made in traditional ways using natural plant fibres as the base material. One of my works, Tengu caught in the headlights, has received an 'honourable mention'. The other is entitled, Special suit for Fukishima Daichi interior. Both are monotypes.  

I produced a large set of Fukishima suit prints from which the submitted one was chosen. If you like the look of this one then please enquire about seeing or buying another in the series. As part of my research in preparation for this show I dicovered such an amazingly rich source of inspiration that will surely be pursued in future work of mine; namely the wonderful world of Kami that is part of the Shinto religion. Kami is the word for elements of nature, animals, creationary forces in the universe as well as the revered spirits of the dead and are listed in the hundreds, some being very weird indeed.

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