Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nunhead Chapel Artwork Removed!

My installation in Nunhead Chapel has been removed without any consultation or discussion at all. On Thursday just gone the creature, his bedding and food and I travelled by car to the beautiful old ruined Anglican Chapel and the artwork was installed ready for 3 months out in the elements. The animal figure which I have nicknamed Bosci is the central element of an installation piece called Animal Within. It's the second in a series of artworks in public places curated by Jolanata Jagiello under the title Angel Looks On.
I'm really hoping the decision will be reversed and the public will get a chance to see this intriguing piece soon, so check back for an update. Leave a comment. Or contact the Head of Cemeteries at Southwark Council here in London UK. It seems the artwork was considered too scary but I have spoken to lots of visitors who loved it and were spreading the word that it was something to see, despite the short time it was there. I think people are being denied the opportunity to engage with a thought provoking piece and if found scary, denied the chance to examine why that should be so. He's not intended to scare but to represent us all. In the meantime I'm posting some images of Bosci in the making to give you some idea of what he is like.

Admittedly the early head structure is a little weird.

Materials like leather and wire will ensure the sculpture lasts the coldest wettest three months of the year. The eyes, lids, lips and teeth allow changes of expression to be made over the period of the display.

The carefully built body, hands and feet can also allow changes of posture and expression. A removable fur mask gains access to the face.

We discuss the imminent move to the cemetery.

The day of travel arrives.

Then its aurevoir....

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Guy said...

Hi Brian

I am really sorry to hear they removed your installation. I love your work and I do think they should have at least given it a chance. I have added your blog to the links on mine.

All the best