Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween Witch for Aeron Alfrey

I have a great e-friend whose blog is well worth visiting if you like creatures and beings weird and wonderful. Its called Monsterbains and is listed in the side bar just here and has a huge back archive of superb material including some of Aerons own work. Myself and some other artists were asked to produce images to post especially for the Halloween period just passed on the theme of Witches. Here is an artists proof (in other words the printing plate is still not totally finished) of my work. Legend has it that those people who were real witches were sometimes great drug takers and this is the inspiration for my latest print.


Rima Staines said...

Wow, what wonderful wonderful work!
Glad to have stumbled here... I will be adding you to my links :)
Best wishes from Scotland

James said...

Wonderful work!

peacay said...

Very nice Brian.

I also love those little flickr sidebar inserts - must be a while since I've visited. They're great with the black background.

Beverly Kaye said...

This artwork is terrific! So original.