Friday, September 28, 2007


I couldnt wait to see how some of the creatures from my "consequences" or "exquisite corpse" print series might look so I have scanned, digitally cropped and re-assembled some of the finished prints to produce the mock-up above. I'm really excited about these and soon will make real prints in limited editions of some of the the huge number of possible weird beings. The idea is that each of the creatures ( like "Batman" below) is drawn and etched on copper in the normal way, then the plates are chopped into three sections and these parts re-assembled with parts from other plates and printed as a whole.

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Aeron said...

This is a great idea! I look forward to seeing how more of these variations turn out. You might even go so far as to do a print edition of the fragments and construct a portfolio booklet that one could slip in and out the various fragments to reconstruct new and unique characters.