Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rejected by the Royal Academy.

I recently submitted a small print to a prestigious UK open entry art exhibition in England, The RA Summer Exhibition. Unfortunately despite success in previous years they rejected my "five Warriors two Beetles and a Frog". I'm posting it today so viewers can see it and feel free to leave comments and also to offer an oportunity to buy it outside the exhibition.


peacay said...

Well, their taste is obviously sliding. I love that, thanks Brian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian
As your brother in law i obviously know you have talent, but look how long it has taken your father in law to get work accepted by them perhaps they all wear very dark glasses and need a pile of bricks to be put in front of the ROYAL ACADEMY, what is art these days any way? Perhaps if I drive my Fiat Van up to the steps of the National gallery wth 200 boxes from Tesco and open the doors, that will be cosidered art, who knows! Love your website
Love ben

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of Fantastic Planet