Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The beauty of zombification

I've got a bit of a thing about zombies at the moment. Regular visitors to the blog will see how they can fit in with my body of work... themes of strange distortions and aberation from the norm are my sort of thing. These three chaps are prints made using a lithographic ink called touche painted onto a zinc plate. With a little bit of encouragement and follow up etching this material naturally creates intricate beautiful detail which I have subverted to create these horrific undead. Hopefully the detail can be seen if you look closely.


Luke P. said...

Hi Brian- Names' Luke Przybylski. I'm interested in buying one of your zombie prints, if you have any available. If you would, could you let me know by emailing me at LukePski(at)Gmail(dot)com?

Brian McKenzie said...

Hi Luke...I'm always happy to make sales through this blog. I'll be in touch. Thanks.