Monday, August 28, 2006

Beings from Dreams

Today I'm posting three prints from many I have made in this series. The printing plates are made in a way similar to the well known Rorschach inkblots. There is a large amount of random influence in the way the plates and prints are made but I try to rend some level of control over these forces. I find it is the asymmetrical elements however which give life to the creature, rather as in the biology of Nature.


Doug said...

I enjoy these images. Do you create them on conventional printing plates? I work for a plate manufacturer.

Brian McKenzie said...

Hi Doug, thanks for your interest and in response to your query well it depends what you mean by conventional. I'd describe these paticular prints as monotypes printed from collograph plates. The plates are not exceptionally robust or long lasting. The plates are pieces of mount board with pva glue applied. When fully dry they work well as a transport for conventional etching inks with a lot of "surface ink" left on. the glue ares are the bits proividing the creatures' anatomical detail and they have a three dimensional aspect that holds ink to a greater or lesser extent. Each print taken is potentially very different from any other from the plate and therefore these would best be technically described as monotypes.